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The school offers a joyful learning environment for kindergarten classes. The focus is on equipping children with pre-reading and pre-numeracy skills to enter Class 1 with confidence.

The key components of our kindergarten curriculum are:

  • A defined lesson plan and structure to follow every day – Warm up, Whole group activity, Independent activity, Individual attention time, and Closing activities.
  • An integrated set of hands-on activities every day, which are linked to expected outcomes in all the school readiness domains.
  • Innovative and colourful hands-on materials designed and provided for each of the activities
  • Tracking of skills using a specially designed ‘Skill chart’ and Focus on every child.
  • Periodic assessment of children’s progress and corrective action

The focus will be to ensure that children who graduate from kindergarten at the end of UKG enter Class 1 with the following skills.

  • Language skills: Ability to express themselves, describe pictures, rhymes and songs, vocabulary
  • Cognitive: Pre-number and number concepts, Matching and Sorting, Pattern Making, Classification
  • Fine Motor: Ability to color within a boundary, Basic strokes, Ability to connect dots
  • English: Songs, Narration of stories, Ability to comprehend and respond to simple conversation questions